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HTML5 speed checker

A well-tested and proven component that is embedded on tens of thousands of websites Worldwide.

Speedchecker web app
Speedchecker supported platforms


Our Speedchecker HTML5 technology does not require any browser plug-ins and is, therefore, available across more platforms such as PCs, Macs, Android, iOS.

Speedchecker web architecture

Accurate up to 1Gbit/s

Our technology provides accurate and realistic results thanks to the Websocket standard deployed widely in all modern browsers. Older browsers fall back to HTTP testing. Our Speed test controller in the cloud makes sure that the testing clients connect to the best available servers at any given moment for any location based on many parameters such as location, device capabilities, server utilization and more.

Speedchecker JavaScript API

Integration API

We offer a JavaScript-based API which allows the complete customization of the speed test experience. For clients with in-house development teams this option gives total flexibility with how to integrate our speed test technology within their own websites.

Speedchecker reporting


All our plans come with a reporting panel where customers can analyze speed test results for all their measurement servers and speed checker instances including mobile apps. Results can also be exported to CSV or integrated with big data and OSS systems.

Speedchecker custom designs

Custom designs

We can provide custom, bespoke designs to meet your design specifications and to fit in with your site or application design. See the following Case Studies.

Speedchecker custom servers

Self-hosted or cloud

For customers who do not want the hassle of setting up and maintaining speed test servers we offer speed test hosting of high-bandwidth servers in 60 global locations.

Speedchecker deticated support

Dedicated support

Our team supports the clients during the integration and setup to ensure the project is completed on time. After the deployment we continuously monitor and support your solution during any required changes.

Speedchecker reliable guarantee


Because our on-call team works 24/7 making sure that the systems run without problems, we are able to offer service contracts with guaranteed SLAs.