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Mobile apps and SDKs

Our speed checking technology is embeded in our own iOS, Android and Windows apps as well as apps managed for ISPs and regulators.

It uses our well defined measurement methodology for most realistic results.

Award-winning speed checking engine

Our speed test component is used by millions of end-users every month in our own apps as well as our clients.

SDK integrations

For companies that have their own mobile apps already we offer a Speed Test SDK for Android and iOS which can extend any app with speed test functionality. Speed Test SDK uses the same architecture as the rest of our solutions so customers can take advantage of our world-wide selection of high speed servers to test the speed to, fine-tuned speed test algorithm for any Android/iOS device and more.

Get Android SDK on GitHub
Get iOS SDK on GitHub

Complete mobile app development

Speedchecker is able to take on full custom development of speed test apps for iOS and Android, including maintenace and support during operation after project is delivered.

Collecting billions of KPIs

Our speed test apps and SDKs are able to collect KPIs from radio,signal, transport and internet layers to provide deep knowledge on network performance. The results are pushed to our Speed test controller and further to big data analytics and other OSS systems.

Network discovery and troubleshooting

Our mobile apps are able to run network discovery tests to understand active path being taken within and outside the ISP network. Utilizing tools such as traceroutes and integrating results with ISP support systems , Speedchecker is able to visualize networks performance. Network discovery is able to give insights on bottlenecks and congestions within ISP network as well as provide that information to customer service systems to guide customer service teams with end-user troubleshooting

Customer satisfaction scoring

Our mobile apps offer easy way for end-users to report issues with the internet service. Customer feedback is reported alongside all KPIs to customer support systems and business intelligence systems for further analysis