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Best-in-class API to collect QoS and QoE measurements from mobile apps and websites.

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Main features

Speed test measurements

Speed test, latency and jitter measurements accompanied by many useful cellular and wifi metrics. Well-defined testing methodology backed by ITU standards with customization possibilities such as test parameters and target servers.

QoS/QoE measurements

Our SDK has a wide selection of tests, such as Youtube tests, Video tests, Webpage tests, VoIP, Packet loss and more.

Worldwide network of servers

Out-of-the-box SDK integration tests against our CDN with a worldwide footprint of over 285 locations. Basic and Advanced versions of the SDK support custom measurement servers provided by the customer.

User-initiated and scheduled background measurements

The SDK can be initiated from the parent app whenever user requests to run a speed test measurement. Moreover, the SDK can be remotely configured to run measurements in the background to collect crowdsourced data.

Support for cross-platform frameworks

Our SDK works on popular frameworks such as Flutter, React Native or Cordova.