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Light Drive Test App

With the Light Drive Test App, SpeedChecker innovates and revolutionises Drive Test campaigns. To collect radio data on the field, you only need the Light Drive Test App and a smartphone. To analyse the data, internet and a computer are sufficient. It's even easier and more efficient than ever to analyse results.

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Introducing the Light Drive Test App

Use cases

Data collection from a variety of devices, including Apple devices

The Light Drive test App collects Crowdsource Data from all the devices on your network, including Apple devices. You can use the data to test your wireless network and to understand how the end devices are using it and acknowledge the performances per devices perceived by the subscribers. Data collected by the app is completely anonymous

Intended for technical staff, can also be easily used by all employees

The Light Drive Test application, the App, is so easy to use that although it is initially intended for technical staff, it can also be used by all employees and even subscribers. Once the App is configured on the smartphone, simple tests can be run quickly, simply by selecting the scenario and informing about the environment conditions. The rest of the process is fully automated. Note that data usage will occur and depending on subscription plan, additional charges may occur.

Field-based benchmarking of devices

One of the direct applications is to carry out a simultaneous test with several mobiles using the CLOCK function of the App. This function synchronises the start of tests on all mobiles. The devices are in the same radio conditions, and use the network at the same time. The results of the application are used for marketing purposes, to provide a relevant comparative study of the performance of each smartphone.

Tests and analysis close to real-time

The benefit of automatically uploading test data to the cloud is having test results directly on the analysis computer in near real time. The engineer in his office can already begin his analyses while the tests are still in progress or barely finished. This feature opens up new possibilities for remote assistance and increased testing controls for improved productivity.

Provide subscribers with on-site support to address their complaints

The simplified use of the Light Drive Test app gives operators the ability to perform on-site support for critical complaints from high-value subscribers. In fact, during a complaint, the subscriber downloads the App and runs the appropriate scenario according to his complaint (voice issue, data, video, etc.). The operator has sufficient and precise data describing the problem under the conditions of occurrence. The test is done without moving personnel. Thanks to the App, the resolution of tickets is now faster and more efficient. VIP have the feeling of being really considered, at no additional cost to the operator.


Reduced drive test campaign costs

Speedchecker revolutionises Drive Tests by concentrating almost all physical test equipment in a software application. CapEx are minimised. With the App, a simple smartphone is turned into a powerful collection device, reducing the number of on-board equipments. OpEx is also streamlined, as testing complex setup is managed upstream once by the engineer during scenario creation. During the campaign, the tests are therefore autonomous and perfectly stable, allowing any unqualified person to carry out as many tests as necessary in different areas without any technical intervention.

Cost-effective Drive Test campaign

Speedchecker increases the profitability of Drive Test campaigns by increasing efficiency. Thanks to the App, the configuration time and the number of resources (mainly hardware) needed to perform the tests as a whole are drastically reduced. The application is continuously updated to improve the quantity and quality of data.

Always available, everywhere to anyone

The use of the App is intuitive and simplified, allowing use by all. The App can be downloaded on any smartphone and from any location. Thanks to its experience in the crowdsource industry Speedchecker allows everyone to accurately test any radio environment. A subscriber suffering from a degradation in quality can easily carry out a test and transmit essential information to the operator in order to simplify and speed up correction.

Reduction of implementation, collection and analysis times

Speedchecker guarantees a simplified operation of end-to-end test campaigns. From collection to analysis, the processes are made easier and more automated. Moreover, with the App there is no more cabling, less material transported and therefore fewer breakdowns. There are no more complex test initialisations, which increase error and failure rates. The architecture is transparent, allowing for quick implementation and efficient campaign control. Data is automatically transferred to the cloud, and data loss is eliminated. Analysis can be done in near real time of the collection. This allows more tests and corrections to be made in the same amount of time.

Installs and uses easily, intuitively

No training or knowledge is required to operate the App

Step 1

Download the Speedchecker Drive Test App on your mobile device

drive test app
Step 2

Define scenarios and test types you want to run on your mobile devices directly from the web page

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Scenario types
Step 3

Launch App and select the scenarios for each mobile device. Start tests (To sync all UEs use clock mode)

In car drive tests/ Walk tests

  • Indoor
  • Indoor
  • Indoor
  • Indoor
drive test app
Step 4

Use a web page for analysis of the test results after they have been uploaded to the cloud. You can analyze your data quickly by using a default dashboard.

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