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Speedchecker processes Billions of data points in more than 170 countries. We collect real world end user experience through our passive and active measurement technology, combined with unique regional and global partnershipswith apps. Regulators can leverage our data to get better QoS insights from their country, they can also rely on SpeedChecker to develop customized white-label regulator apps.

Positive feedback loop drivers improvement in QoS with all stakeholders involved

Our Approach

Customized solution for your local requirements

Our customers value our flexible and modular approach in delivering our solutions. There is no one size fits all in providing crowdsourcing projects. Customers increasingly require tailored solutions which will satisfy all technical, operational, and legal requirements.

Data licensing and ownership

We offer hybrid licensing model, where data collected directly from the regulator app belongs to the regulator. Optionally, regulator can license additional data from SpeedChecker to ensure there is a sufficient sample size to ensure statistical accuracy nationwide.

Operator collaboration

Speedchecker can engage with operators to bring them on-board to the project and participate by providing resources and feedback. Operators are typically engaged early in the project to gather input and inform them about new QoS initiatives so they can be part of the positive feedback loop which improves the QoS for the consumers.

What can we offer

Consumer testing and reporting issues

SpeedChecker can develop a white-label app for the regulator which allows consumers to run speed tests and/or report complaints to the regulator. The same app also facilitates background data collection to grow the amount of samples for the regulator to analyze. Reported issues by the consumers can be seen in the [Crowdsourcing system] and selectively shared with operators after validation.

Public reporting of QoS / QoE metrics

SpeedChecker can integrate maps with collected QoS and QoE data to be available to the consumers through the app or through the regulator's website. Public information on quality of service parameters such as network coverage and performance is a valuable tool for consumers and operators.

QoS analysis and trends

Crowdsourcing system facilitates analysis options for QoS regulator team. System contains various dashboards which allow analysis of parameters such as speed tests, network coverage, video quality, voice quality and more. Metrics can be visualized on maps, charts and tables.

Monitoring spectrum usage

Spectrum utilization monitoring shows how the available spectrum is utilized in different locations. It may reveal the load balancing situation or the fact particular bands are overloaded or unloaded.

Detecting outages

Network Availability is one of the most important indicators for any operator or regulator. While operators have only limited visibility on the outages in their network, regulators would not have such visibility at all. Our crowdsourcing solution is able to spot exact locations where subscribers are not able to attach to the network and calculate network unavailability for any particular location or region.

International interference

Crowdsourcing can be better than scanner or drive testing at providing accurate coverage information at international borders. Signal interference between countries can propagate tens or even hundreds of kilometers depending on the terrain. As a result, some roamers get the ability to connect to their home networks from abroad avoiding roaming fees. Accurate detection of the international footprint is essential and this where crowdsourcing reveals its strength.