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Fixed broadband operators

We work with small to medium regional ISPs delivering connectivity using different technologies such as DSL, wireless or fibre that want to minimize unnecessary support calls and increase customer satisfaction. We also help nationwide ISPs to increase their revenue by providing useful tools for their websites and apps which increase the number of leads from online channels.

Customer service apps for wi-fi troubleshooting

SpeedChecker adds value to ISPs who offer good quality Internet service yet receive complaints from its customers due to poor wi-fi quality in customer homes.  We provide ISPs with white-label apps for Android, iOS and Windows which help Customer service reps diagnose internet and wi-fi complaints remotely. These tools help resolve issues faster while reducing the time of the call, minimizing technician visits or preventing customer calls all together. 

Speed test tools & apps

Speedchecker offers the components required to build speed test features for your website or extend your app functionalities. Also, we can deliver customized solutions that includes our components and integrates with the rest of your IT infrastructure. (more details)