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Wifi Care - proactive monitoring of Wi-Fi quality

Do you have customers who are suffering because of Wi-Fi issues but will not bother to complain? Prevent customers suffering poor Wi-Fi quality and manage customer churn by proactively monitoring their Wi-Fi quality.

Show your customers you care about their satisfaction by offering a pro-active approach to monitor and solve their problems.

Wifi Scan includes a Wifi Care module which will enable ISPs to monitor the Wi-Fi connections of their customers, either across all the installed base or selectively on an opt-in basis.

The continuous monitoring can reveal Wi-Fi coverage gaps at customer homes, or reveal new issues when the average Wi-Fi throughput decreases significantly.

Wifi Care - proactive wifi quality monitoring


Added value to the customer

Customers will appreciate the additional tools at their disposal to track their Wi-Fi and internet quality and will differentiate your service as being better than your competition.

Support agent

Easier troubleshooting for agents

Having access to historic data on Wi-Fi quality will enable your agents to troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems more quickly. If your customer has issues, agents can quickly see whether a decrease in Wi-Fi quality has occurred and when.


Scheduled testing

Many times Wi-Fi issues appear only during peak times and not at the same time that the user is on the call with the customer agent. The Wi-Fi care module executes tests 24/7 so that problems which happen only during specific time windows can be detected.


Upsell opportunities

Wi-Fi monitoring can reveal coverage issues at customer's home. Use the power of our data to suggest to customers to buy additional routers, mesh solutions or powerline systems.