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Valuable insights for mobile operators

For over 10 years we have been listening to end user Internet quality issues. We understand the problems and are passionate to help mobile operators to improve their network quality to gain new customers and retain existing customers with the full understanding of their own network as well as that of their competitors.

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Real user experience KPIs

Our data is collected from the end user’s perspective by measuring KPIs directly from their mobile devices. We can provide detailed analysis on the quality of experience depending on several factors such as precise user location, access technology, connected cell towers, peak/off-peak times, type of user devices and more.

Service understanding

Easy to understand

It doesn’t matter if you have billions of data points if it’s difficult to make one point. We help you get an understanding of your data no matter whether you are a network field engineer or the CEO.

Network insights

Tailored solution to your specific needs

We understand each network is different. Our flexible approach offers options to mobile operators to pick how the insights should be delivered. We can take on an analysis project to provide a detailed understanding of your network, as well as work continuously on an ongoing basis to monitor your network and your competitors’ networks. You can get insights from our reports which we prepare for you, or you can use our raw data to perform the analysis yourself.