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Crowdsourced quality of experience data

Speedchecker is processing billions of data points collected through its passive and active measurement technologies on network quality experience worldwide. This data offers us great opportunities to give insights to our customers as well as to contribute to Internet research.

Wordl crowdsourced data
World mobile operators

Mobile operators

We help mobile operators get a better understanding of their network from the end-user perspective by collecting billions of KPIs directly from mobile devices. Read more.

Fixed broadband operators

Fixed broadband operators

People come to us to give them information to check if they are getting the level of service they paid for. We want to share that data back to the ISPs so they can better understand their customers and so that they can invest into places which will make the most difference for their bottom line.

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World regulators and analysis


We advise regulators to look beyond coverage maps and get detailed understanding of areas with poor coverage. Our data is impartial and offers a true picture of both mobile and fixed Internet connectivity in your country.

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Research and understanding

Non-profit researchers

We regularly provide data to researchers to encourage more innovation in the industry as well as contributing to a better Internet transparency and knowledge that is paramount to all our lives. Our datasets have been used by numerous studies, some of which are available here.

We welcome researchers to contact us and see what data is available to analyse.