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Crowdsourcing for Telecoms & Regulators

SpeedChecker is focused on delivering solutions which are built on our extensive knowledge of crowdsourcing QoS and QoE data. Our solutions help MNOs, ISPs and regulators in making their Internet infrastructure better and more available for everyone.

Our research into new methodologies of collecting data using a crowdsourcing approach has taken us to contribute to development of new ITU standards, provide tools which can be used freely in 3rd party apps, offer consumers apps and websites to test their connections or help telecom regulators get more visibility into quality of service.

What we do

Telecoms & Regulators

Speedchecker provides fixed and mobile operators solutions to measure end-users’ internet quality as well as providing insights based on billions of collected data points. SpeedChecker works closely with regulators to increase transparency in telecommunication markets.
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We run several speed test sites such as www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk in the UK, and others in France, Netherlands, Poland and Japan. Our apps for Android and iOS have been downloaded by millions of users and score 5-star reviews.