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Speed test controller

Our Speed test controller provides admission control, load balancing and measurement configuration functionality for the Speedchecker solution. It is the first point of contact for the Measurement Clients (such as mobile apps or websites) when conducting measurements.

The Controller also acts as collector which receives the measurement data and metadata from the Measurement clients. Speed test controller verifies the integrity of the measurement data and combines with other data sources.


Speedchecker architecture diagram
Deployment options

Deployment options

Our Speed test controller is hosted in the Speedchecker cloud but on-premise installations are also possible to comply with data-protection rules and closed-garden deployments.

Data privacy

Data privacy

The Speed test controller offers several protections for customer data. IP addresses can be anonymized during data collection if required. Location data can be randomized to prevent identifying individuals but still useful for street-level accuracy analysis. Moreover, whole collected data can be placed in write-only databases or closed-garden environments to further strengthen the data security and privacy.

Speedchecker cloud

Scalability and performance

Our Speed test solution has been load tested with simulations as well as in production to be able to hold millions of measurements every day. Our Speedchecker Cloud deployment can be scaled automatically, depending on the test volume, to make sure measurement clients can run measurements and submit results without any delays in real-time.

TR-069 / TR-143 Integration

The Speed test controller can integrate with existing ACS solution (auto configuration server) and TR-069 / TR-143 specifications. Call centre agents or Field engineers can utilize existing ACS solution to perform remote diagnostics with additional data points collected from Speedchecker solution and its client-side measurement results. This provides a valuable end-to-end perspective to perform troubleshooting end user issues in a more efficient manner.

Customer relation management

CRM Integration

The Controller can be integrated with the CRM systems of the ISP and can pull all the customer information such as profile, contracted service and more. This can provide additional data points to analyse such as the difference of contracted speed and real, achieved speed.
A customer scoring module available in the speed checker apps which can collect valuable customer ratings which can then be pushed to CRM systems and made available for customer service representatives to review.

OSS integration

OSS Integrations

Our solution is NGOSS compliant and able to integrate with other OSS systems using TNA architecture. Our APIs also support JSON and SOAP and are loosely-coupled from other OSS systems.

Analysis and visualization

Analytics and visualizations

Our platform comes standard with a reporting panel where customers can analyse speed test results for all their measurement servers and speed checker instances including mobile apps. Results can also be exported to CSV or integrated with big data and OSS systems. Using third party integrations, we can push data to map based systems such as Tableau or to log-based databases and storage such as ELK stack, Grafana and others.