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SpeedChecker's flexible and friendly approach wins customers from all sizes within the telecom sector, from small regional ISPs to national carriers or telecommunication regulators.

Wordl crowdsourced data
World mobile operators

Mobile operators

We help mobile operators get a better understanding of their network from the end-user perspective by collecting billions of KPIs directly from mobile devices, analyzing RAN data from OSS counters and not only offering insights about where the quality is good or bad, but, also, detailed reports that show why and the concrete steps to improve the network. (More details)

Fixed broadband operators

Fixed broadband operators

SpeedChecker adds value to ISPs who offer good quality Internet service yet receive complaints from their customers due to poor wi-fi quality in customer homes. We provide ISPs with white-label apps for Android, iOS and Windows which help Customer service reps diagnose internet and wi-fi complaints remotely. These tools help resolve issues faster while reducing the time of the call, minimizing technician visits or preventing customer calls all together. (More details)

World regulators and analysis


Speedchecker processes Billions of data points in more than 170 countries. We collect real world end user experience through our passive and active measurement technology, combined with unique regional and global partnershipswith apps. Regulators can leverage our data to get better QoS insights from their country, they can also rely on SpeedChecker to develop customized white-label regulator apps.

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Research and understanding

Non-profit researchers

We regularly provide data to researchers to encourage more innovation in the industry as well as contributing to a better Internet transparency and knowledge that is paramount in all our lives. Our datasets have been used by numerous studies, some of which are available here.

We welcome researchers to contact us to see what data is available to analyse.