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Wi-Fi Scan pricing

Wi-Fi Scan product is being offered in one version with unlimited use to all the feature products including unlimited wi-fi scans, access to apps on all platforms, unlimited agent accounts, router access requests as well as unlimited access to self-serve help features offered to ISP subscribers.

Solution pricing for standard implementation is dependent on the number of ISP subscribers. Standard solution can be acquired on monthly basis with following breakdown:

(Save 15%)
Number of subscribersMonthly price (in GBP)Billed annually (in GBP)
< 10001001200
> 10002002400
> 50003504200
> 100006808160
> 2000096011520
> 30000120014400
> 40000140016800
> 50000EnquiryEnquiry
Number of subscribersMonthly price (in GBP)Billed annually (in GBP)
< 1000851020
> 10001702040
> 50002983570
> 100005786936
> 200008169792
> 30000102012240
> 40000119014280
> 50000EnquiryEnquiry

If ISP commits to a 1 year pre-payment, then solution can be discounted by 15%.

The size of the ISP is evaluated at the start of each billing period. ISP is required to disclose which pricing tier is correct based on its subscriber size. The pricing tier allocation is then verified by SpeedChecker with 3rd party sources.

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